Welcome to the website of the FORESEE database!


The FORESEE database (Open Database FOR ClimatE Change-Related Impact Sudies in CEntral Europe) is a sophisticated, open access meteorological database that covers the 1951-2100 time period and contains observed and projected daily maximum/minimum temperature and precipitation fields for Central Europe (see image below).

For the 1951-2017 period FORESEE v3.1 provides interpolated meteorological fields based on observations, and for the 2018-2100 period 10 bias corrected regional climate model (RCM) results are available based on the climate projections created and disseminated within the frame of the ENSEMBLES FP6 project using the A1B emission scenario.

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We hope that FORESEE captured your attention. If you plan to use FORESEE in your research, please contact the authors to download FORESEE. In any case, please read the DATA USE POLICY first.

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