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PhD training at the Department of Meteorology

The assitant professors, associate professors and professors are accreditated in the Geosciences and / or Environmental Doctoral Schools of the Eötvös Loránd University.

It is obligatory to ask the professors before application!

For further information about administration at the university:
Department of Scientific and International Affairs

Current PhD students with scholarship (GDS - Geosciences Doctoral School, EDS - Environmental Doctoral School):
Year Name Doctoral school Supervisor Topic
3rd year Attila KOVÁCS GDS Róbert Mészáros Development of and air quality forecasting system for the Carpathian Basin using the WRF-Chem coupled weather prediction and air chemistry model
3rd year Erzsébet KRISTÓF GDS Judit Bartholy,
Rita Pongrácz
Validation of atmospheric oscillation and circulation processes in climate models
2nd year Emese BOTTYÁN EDS Zoltán Barcza Modelling of grass carbon budget in Europe
2nd year Csenge DIAN GDS Rita Pongrácz,
Judit Bartholy
Climatic analysis, multi criteria classification and modelling of the changing urban environment
2nd year Tímea KALMÁR GDS Rita Pongrácz,
Judit Bartholy
Adaptation, sensitivity study and long-term application of a nonhydrostatic regional climate modell
2nd year Amanda Imola SZABÓ EDS Ferenc Ács,
Hajnalka Breuer
Analysis of the climate and climate change on meso and global scale using the Feddema climate classification
1st year Roland HOLLÓSI EDS Zoltán Barcza Developping a decision-making software for ecological management