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PhD training at the Department of Meteorology

The assitant professors, associate professors and professors are accreditated in the Geosciences and / or Environmental Doctoral Schools of the Eötvös Loránd University.

It is obligatory to ask the professors before application!

For further information about administration at the university:
Department of Scientific and International Affairs

Current PhD students with scholarship (GDS - Geosciences Doctoral School, EDS - Environmental Doctoral School):
Year Name Doctoral school Supervisor Topic
2018/2019-2021/2022 Bushra Atfeh EDS Róbert Mészáros Indoor pollution
2018/2019-2021/2022 Roland Hollós EDS Zoltán Barcza Developping a decision-making software for ecological management
2019/2020-2022/2023 Alexandra Berényi GDS Judit Bartholy
Rita Pongrácz
Relationship between changing atmospheric circulation and extreme events
2019/2020-2022/2023 Réka Ágnes Dávid GDS Zoltán Barcza Analysis of vegetation phonological cycle
2019/2020-2022/2023 Ákos János Varga GDS Hajnalka Breuer,
Ákos Horváth
Effect of climate change on land surface dependent weather phenomena
2019/2020-2022/2023 Adrienn Varga-Balogh GDS Róbert Mészáros Development of timeseries based short and ultrashort time forescasts based machine learning
2021/2022-2024/2025 Mendyl Abderrahmane EDS Tamás Weidinger Applied micrometeorology
2021/2022-2024/2025 Helga Chauke GDS Rita Pongrácz The effect of climate change on viniculture in South Africa compared to the Carpathian basin
2021/2022-2024/2025 Emília Dolgos GDS Judit Bartholy, Rita Pongrácz Changing atmospheric circulation, changes in the characteristics of Mediterranean cyclones due to global climate change
2021/2022-2024/2025 Dávid Hérincs GDS Zsuzsanna Soósné Dezső Analysis of low pressure systems in the Mediterranean region
2021/2022-2024/2025 Dóra Incze GDS Zoltán Barcza Analysis of evapotranspiration in agricultural environment using lysimeter measurements
2021/2022-2024/2025 Márk Zoltán Mikes GDS Zsuzsanna Soósné Dezső, Ildikó Pieczka Long term weather forecasting possibilities
2021/2022-2024/2025 Csilla Simon GDS Csaba Zsolt Torma Investigation of climatic extremes based on raw and error-corrected data of regional climate models for the Carpathian Basin
2021/2022-2024/2025 Zsófia Szalkai GDS Ferenc Ács Characterization of the human thermal climate on meso and global scale based on a clothing resistance model
2021/2022-2024/2025 Csilla Vincze GDS Róbert Mészáros Effect of weather on honey production of bees