Pictures from Japan
April 2006

 Tokyo - the present Capital of Japan 
 Shinkansen - Fast Train in Japan 
 In the mountain Alps near Takayama 
 Takayama - World Cultural Heritage 
 The Governor's House - Takayama Jinya 
 Festival Floats in Takayama 
 Japanese coins from the Edo era 
 Jikogu / Hot Springs in Beppu (on Island Kyushu)  
 Volcano Aso (1592 m) in Kyushu 
 Kagoshima (on Island Kyushu) 
 Porcelain Production in Arita at Kyushu 
 Rice paddy fields under water 
 In the mountains of Shikoku: bridge made only from wood 
 Shrine in Kochi at Shikoku 
 The Pacific Ocean near Kochi at Shikoku 
 Imperial Palace in Kyoto - the ancient Capital of Japan 
 Shrine in Kyoto 
 Garden in the Cherry Blosson Season in Kyoto 
 Flowers in Japan during the Cherry Blossom Season 

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