Pictures from the Northeastern US
April 2008

 The Atlantic Ocean near Boston 
 Seagull at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean 
 Boston, MA 
 Boston National Historical Park - Charlestown Navy Yard 
 USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides")
The oldest commissioned ship afloat in the world. It's a wooden-hulled, 3-masted heavy frigate launched in 1797.  
 Cassin Young (DD-793) - a Fletcher-class destroyer,
which served in the Pacific during the World War II (1943-45),
and later in the Korean Conflict 
 Quincy - birthplace of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, the 2nd (1797-1801) and the 6th (1825-1829) US presidents 
 Water Falls on the river Niagara from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, at the border between Canada and the US 
 The American Falls
(height: 21-34 m, length: 260 m) 
 The Bridal Veil Falls
(height: 21-34 m, length: 15 m) 
 The Horseshoe Falls
(height: 54-57 m, length: 670 m) 
 The Niagara rapids above the Falls - the maximum water speed reaches 40 km/h 

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