Róbert Mészáros
head of the department
associate professor


Recent publications: Total publication list:

Leelőssy, Á., Lagzi, I; Kovács, A., Mészáros, R., 2018:
A review of numerical models to predict the atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides.
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 182, 20-23.

Leelőssy, Á., Lagzi I., Mészáros R., 2017: Spatial and temporal pattern of pollutants dispersed in the atmosphere from the Budapest Chemical Works industrial site. Idojįrás (Qarterly journal of Hungarian Meteorological Service) 121 (2), 101-115.

Leelőssy Á., Mészáros R., Kovács A., Lagzi I., Kovács T., 2017: Numerical simulations of atmospheric dispersion of iodine-131 by different models. PloS one 12 (2) e0172312

Mészáros R., Leelőssy, Á., Kovács, T., Lagzi, I., 2016: Predictability of the dispersion of Fukushima-derived radionuclides and their homogenization in the atmosphere. Scientific Reports volume 6, 19915