Remote sensing releated research at the
Eötvös Loránd University based on data
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ELTE receiving station
MODIS images

Selection of the received Terra/Aqua True Color MODIS images from 2007

Top of the Matra Mountains in Hungary, above the clouds

(2007.12.30. 09:37)

Related photos taken there on the same day

Snow patches in the Netherlands connected to industry
(Terra, 2007.12.22. 10:26)
The Carpathian Basin with inversion and low level clouds
(Terra, 2007.12.20. 09:01)

The cloudy Northeastern part of Europe during anticyclinc situations in winter
(Terra, 2007.12.19. 09:56)
The Sinai peninsula and the northern part of the Red Sea
(Terra, 2007.12.12. 08:12)
Snow belt in Hungary (Terra, 2007.11.28. 09:37)
Hungary passed by a coldfront (Terra, 2007.11.26. 09:49)
Snow covered western part of Hungary (Terra, 2007.11.19. 09:43)
Wave clouds forming wave clouds (Aqua, 2007.11.07. 12:41)
Central Europe during a coldfront overpass
(Terra, 2007.11.04. 10:26)
Variety of clouds above the Atlantic Ocean
(Terra, 2007.11.01. 11:34)
the Caucasus (Terra, 2007.10.18. 08:06)
Central Europe (Aqua, 2007.10.14. 11:53)
Western Hungary after coldfront (Terra, 2007.09.28. 10:08)
Early Autumn in the Carpathian-Basin (Terra, 2007.09.25. 09:37)
Forest fires in Greece (Aqua, 2007.08.25. 12:05)
Forest and scrub fires in South Europe
(Terra, 2007.07.24. 10:26)
Lakes in the Crimea (Terra, 2007.07.19. 08:25)
Istanbul and the Bosphorus (Terra, 2007.07.19 08:25)
Phytoplankton bloom in the Norvegian Sea (Terra, 2007.07.05. 09:50)

Eastern part of Greenland and Iceland (Terra, 2007.06.26. 11:34)
Cyclon over Western Europe (Aqua, 2007.05.27. 13:08)
Duststorm by Egypt (Terra, 2007.05.19. 08:55)
The British Isles (Terra, 2007.05.02. 11:28)
Fogaras Mountains

(Terra, 2007.04.22. 09:13)
Duststorm at the coast of North-Africa (Terra, 2007.04.06. 09:13)
Ship tracks off Scotland and Ireland
(Terra, 2007.04.04. 11:04)
Agricultural burning in Ukraine
(Terra, 2007.03.21. 09:13 and 2007.03.23. 09:01)
Mount Stromboli with ash plume in the Tyrrhenian Sea
(Aqua, 2007.03.16. 12:18)
Hazy morning weather by the Lake of Constance (Terra, 2007.03.16. 10:33)
Southern part of the North Sea (Terra, 2007.03.12. 10:58)
Kármán vortex-street North of Crete (Terra, 2007.03.12. 09:19)
Low pressure weather system over North Africa (Terra, 2007.02.22. 09:31)

Northern part of Norway and the North Cape (Terra, 2007.02.14. 10:20)


Snow in Europe (Snow covered area are marked with the color of bright red)

(Terra, 2007.01.25. 10:45)

Western Siberia
(Terra, 2007.01.24. 08:25)
Contrails above the Tyrrhenian Sea
(Aqua, 2007.01.22. 11:59)
Northern Denmark (Terra, 2007.01.23. 10:58)
Central Europe after the cyclone Kyrill (Terra, 2007.01.19. 09:43 )
Western Europe before the cyclone Kyrill (Terra, 2007.01.18. 10:39)
Western Hungary during the mild January in 2007
(Aqua, 2007.01.15. 11:53)
Agricultural landscape in Russia, close to the Caucasus
(Terra, 2007.01.12. 08:01)
Snow covered parts of the Podolia tableland and the Dneper tableland
in Ukraine
(Terra, 2007.01.04 08:48)


The applied software is the MODIS True Color which was created by Liam Gumley (1),
Jacques Descloitres (2) and Jeffrey Schmaltz (2), 2003.
(1) Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
(2) MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The installation of the satellite data receiving station was supported by
the Hungarian Space Office and The Ministry of Informatics and Communication

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