Remote sensing releated research at the
Eötvös Loránd University based on data
provided by the
ELTE receiving station
MODIS images

Selection of the received Terra/Aqua True Color MODIS images from 2014

The Snow covered Hungary

(Terra, 2014.12.29. 10:01)


Gravity waves in the atmosphare over the Caspian Sea
(It is worth checking the previous image originated from 100 minutes earlier)

(Aqua, 2014.12.26. 09:40)


Gravity waves in the atmosphare over the Caspian Sea
(It is worth checking the next image originated from 100 minutes later)

(Terra, 2014.12.26. 08:00)


Shallow fog over river Zsil and Olt in Rumania

(Terra, 2014.12.19. 09:24)


Western Hungary in December

(Terra, 2014.12.19. 09:24)


Cyclone over the Mediterranean Sea

(Aqua, 2014.11.07. 12:25)


Shallow fog in Hungary

(Aqua, 2004.10.27. 11:20)


The Alps and its surroundings in the powerful northern flow

(Aqua, 2014.10.22. 12:25)

Lake Balaton in Hungary as its water is colored by streams

(Terra, 2014.10.09. 09:25)


Orographic cirrus clouds at the southern side of the Alps

(Aqua, 2014.09.26. 11:40)


Lofoten archipelago and its surroundings at the northwestern cost of Norway

(Aqua, 2014.08.31. 11:12)


Phytoplankton bloom in the Barents Sea

(Terra, 2014.08.07. 10:01)


Phytoplankton bloom in the Baltic Sea

(Aqua, 2014.07.26. 11:37)


Shallow marine fog at the Shetland and Orkney Islands northeastern from Great Britain and Karman vortex street at the Island Foula (Shetland Islands)

(Aqua, 2014.07.24. 13:26)


The clear Aegean Sea

(Terra, 2014.07.09. 08:54)


Convective clouds in the Carpathian Basin

(Aqua, 2014.05.26. 12:07)


Phytoplankton bloom in the North Sea

(Aqua, 2014.05.25. 13:02)


Karman vortex street at Pantelleria in the Mediterranean Sea

(Terra, 2014.05.21. 09:49)


Cyclone over Central-Europe

(Terra, 2014.05.15. 08:48 and 10:26)


Convective clouds over Hungary

(Aqua, 2014.05.02. 11:18)


Saharan dust over the Mediterranean Sea at the coast of Libya

(Terra, 2014.04.23. 09:24)


Cirrus uncinus clouds by the Balearic Islands

(Aqua, 2014.04.18. 12:44)


Shallow marine fog in the western basin of the Mediterranean Sea around the Balearic Islands

(Aqua, 2014.04.07. 13:02)


The Aral Sea

To compare with its state in 2006

(Aqua, 2014.03.27. 10:04)


Agricultural parcels in Russia close to the River Volga

(Aqua, 2014.03.27. 10:04)


The delta of the Danube

(Aqua, 2014.03.13. 11:31)


The Carpathian-basin at the beginning of the spring

(Aqua, 2014.03.13. 11:31)


Western side of France

(Aqua, 2014.03.06. 13:02)


The Krim and the Sea of Azov

(Terra, 2014.02.21. 08:17)


The applied software is the MODIS True Color which was created by Liam Gumley (1),
Jacques Descloitres (2) and Jeffrey Schmaltz (2), 2003.
(1) Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
(2) MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The installation of the satellite data receiving station was supported by
the Hungarian Space Office and The Ministry of Informatics and Communication

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