Remote sensing releated research at the
Eötvös Loránd University based on data
provided by the
ELTE receiving station
MODIS images

Selection of the received Terra/Aqua True Color MODIS images from 2013

Foggy valleys in Moldavia

Terra, 2013.12.24. 08:35


Anthropogenic emission induced rime pattern over western Hungary
False color image indicating the snow covered surface with red color

(Terra, 2013.12.21. 09:42)


Low level stratus clouds in Central Europe

(Terra, 2013.12.13. 10:31)


Snow in Hungary

(Terra, 2013.12.07. 09:35)


The colors of Fall in northern part of Greece

(Terra, 2013.11.07. 09:18)


The Etna

(Terra, 2013.10.26. 10:31)


Atmospheric vortex above the Black Sea

(Terra, 2013.08.27. 08:29)


The British Islands

(Terra, 2013.07.18. 10:56)


Contrails originated from London and above the La Manche

(Terra, 2013.07.15. 10:25)


Cumulonimbus clouds over the Carpathian Basin

(Aqua, 2013.06.22. 12:10)


Cumulonimbus cloud over Germany

(Aqua, 2013.06.20. 12:31)


Floods on the Danube and before about 1.5 months on 2013.04.25.

(Terra, 2013.06.08. 10:08)


Dust originated from Sahara in the air above the Carpathian Basin

(Terra, 2013.05.17. 09:05)

(The aerosol optical depth field corroborate the origin of the dust)


Phytoplankton bloom in the Bay of Biscay - Part II.

(Terra, 2013.05.04. 11:15)


Gravity waves at the coast of Normandy

(Terra 2013.04.25. 11:21)

The Carpathian Basin

(Terra 2013.04.25 09:50)

Phytoplankton bloom in the Bay of Biscay

(Terra, 2013.04.24. 10:38)


Floods in Hungary with false colors

(Terra, 2013.04.08. 09:00)


Karman vortex street over the Island Jan Mayen

(Terra, 2013.04.01. 10:32)


Altocumulus lenticularis south of the Pyrenees

(Aqua, 2013.01.05. 13:08)


The applied software is the MODIS True Color which was created by Liam Gumley (1),
Jacques Descloitres (2) and Jeffrey Schmaltz (2), 2003.
(1) Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
(2) MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The installation of the satellite data receiving station was supported by
the Hungarian Space Office and The Ministry of Informatics and Communication

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