Remote sensing releated research at the
Eötvös Loránd University based on data
provided by the
ELTE receiving station
MODIS images

Selection of the received Terra/Aqua True Color MODIS images from 2012

Fog over the River Garrone in France

Terra, (2012.12.06. 10:56)


Wildfires in the Balkans

(Terra, 2012.08.31 10:13)

Phytoplankton bloom in the Black Sea

(Terra, 2012.06.03, 08:41)


Phytoplankton bloom in the Black Sea

(Terra, 2012.05.29, 08:23)


Convection over Western Europe

(Terra, 2012.04.12, 10:43)


The Etna

(Terra, 2012.03.19, 09:54)


The Etna

(Aqua, 2012.03.18, 12:49)


The Etna

(Terra, 2012.03.18, 09:11)


Central Europe
(the small image shows the Lake Fertő in western Hungary)

(Terra, 2012.03.10, 10:10)


Cyclon over Western Europe

(Terra, 2012.03.07, 11:08)



(Terra, 2012.02.25, 09:48)


The wind Bora

(Terra, 2012.02.22, 09:18)


Central Europe

(Terra, 2012.02.21, 10:14)


The applied software is the MODIS True Color which was created by Liam Gumley (1),
Jacques Descloitres (2) and Jeffrey Schmaltz (2), 2003.
(1) Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
(2) MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The installation of the satellite data receiving station was supported by
the Hungarian Space Office and The Ministry of Informatics and Communication

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